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sukanto Kuri
Jul 02, 2022
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Different from other disciplines, the computer graphic course pays more attention to the simultaneous development of "learning" and "using", which requires students not only to master relevant theoretical knowledge, but also to learn a variety of practical skills. In the course teaching, due to the lack of school hours, teachers cannot explain relevant theoretical knowledge in detail and carry out various practical demonstrations in the classroom. In this case, teachers can share relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the WeChat public platform, so as to effectively meet the learning needs of different students for different knowledge. Students study according to their own actual Image Manipulation Service situation, or focus on learning surface composition, or focus on learning three-dimensional composition, or focus on learning color matching, so as to make up for their lack of knowledge in a certain aspect and enhance their practical ability in a certain aspect. (2) Conducive to breaking the time and space constraints of teaching The WeChat public platform is introduced into the teaching of computer graphic design courses. Teachers are no longer limited by time and place. They can push the relevant knowledge of computer graphic design courses to students through the WeChat public platform at any place and at any time, and build an online classroom for computer graphic design. Improve the frequency of communication and interaction between teachers and students. At the same time, the task of assigning homework can also be achieved through the WeChat public platform, including pre-class preview tasks and after-class functions. Students can ask teachers for advice on what they do not understand, and students can also communicate with each other. To better complete the teaching tasks assigned by teachers. In this way, the WeChat public platform makes the teaching of computer graphic design courses no longer confined to the limited time and space of traditional classrooms, and realizes the expansion and extension of traditional classrooms. Students can learn relevant knowledge according to their own needs, improve own theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and then improve their comprehensive quality .

sukanto Kuri

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