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Rainbow dress

I have wanted a rainbow dress for so many years. Finally came across some beautiful rainbow fabric (on sale) at Joann Fabric. I was also paying attention to the pattern sales. You can always find a 1.99 or 4.99 pattern sale each month. Thank goodness the big 4 Spring patterns had already dropped couple of weeks ago! Scanned the pattern for needed notions of buttons and elastic. Made sure to bust out my 25% off total purchase at the register and was set to start sewing.

As always pattern placement is key. Pay attention to the pieces that only need one cut and the pieces the are cut on the fold.

The fabric i picked is a bubble linen kind of fabric. So I new it would need to be fully lined ir I'd hace to wear a slip. I decided to fully line my dress.

Now that I have a serger finishing the seams is a wiz! After she was all sew up I couldn't decide if long was the way to go. In the end the IG family came thru and voted to go with the midi length. Chopped off 14" from the bottom of the skirt. Serged the raw edge and straight stitched it down.

Im so happy with the outcome! She is perfect to wear to work, a BBQ or even on a lazy Sunday. These are all happening this summer.

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