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New year new fit

Discovered a few years back I have been starting each year by sewing jeans. Unfortunately, I just so happened to misplace my sew-jo. This happens... I rearranged my sewing space and busted out my new serger machine. Yep, that's right, when I saw the before Christmas sales she had to come home with me. Now I am wondering how I have been sewing for so long and am just now experiencing this greatness! The good news is I was able to completed my birthday outfit by the first week of January. I was good and let my new pants and top sit for a week but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to wear my birthday outfit y'all.

I added pearl beads to the neck and both writs of the top. They are nonfunctional, but I really love the look. Don't you!? fabrics were found and bought at walmart, in the precut section. Honestly, I can not go to Wal-Mart without looking at the precut fabrics. Has to be precut. Y'all know why...

For my pants I decided to not add the interfacing. Big mistake💀 my waist band and zipper are slouching. I will never skip this step when sewing jeans again. But I can still say I love how comfortable they fit. Guess you could say Im stepping into the new year in comfort. As for my birthday outfit I think I am going to wear a sweater dress. And when I say wear y'all know that actually means I have to sew it! Lol

Coming up Next: Currently working on resizing hubbies old jeans for TheBoy and TheGirl to wear. Make sure to subscribe to to be notified when my next post goes live.

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