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Face Mask Hacks

We've been doing this face mask thing for awhile now... And when I say awhile Im really saying a whole calendar year🙊 Yes, it's been that long👀.. The nice thing about a year is that it's enough time to figure out what works😉

First lets talk about fogged glasses. Im a glasses wearer and if you're also a glasses wearer, I got you. Get you some shaving cream. Now squirt a dot of it on each lens. smear that dot all over your lens. Rubbing it on the front and back of both your lenses, smear it really good. Now use your microfiber glasses wipe (that we always use to clean our glasses🕵) and clean all the shaving cream off. This works for almost a week. But I also recommend the cleaning of your glasses regularly. It's covid19 season.

I have also heard that adding toilet paper between you and your mask will help. The toilet paper is supposed to absorb the moisture from your breath. That didn't work for me.... However, this shaving cream tip will also work on your bathroom mirror. Yep, that's right. When my kids were little we tried this experiment. You can use gel or foam, pricey or low cost. They all work the same on your glasses. And it's brilliant when going out in to the polar vortex.

When we get home from work the mask goes in the basket by the washing machine. This way, when I do laundry I can toss them in a mesh laundry bag (get you one if you don't already have one) for washing and drying. This is a life saver on some many levels y'all.

And when that load is done, each family member has a hook for their mask to go on. Masks go straight from the dryer to the hook in this home.

Boom! No more searching for your clean mask or having to deal with fogged up glasses. You're welcome friends💜

Next: Resizing hubbies jeans into TheGirls jeans.

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If you're a glasses wearer like myself. You know how difficult

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