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Custom Curtains

This customer contacted me for custom curtains for her new home. She sent pictures of her vision for me to go off of. Next I had her measure the windows she intended to cover. I added 6" to the width and 9" to the length. That will allow seam allowance for both sides and the needed room for the curtain rod. Lastly I told her how much fabric to purchase for the project. She had the fabric delivered straight to me and I was able to het to work.

I love how well upholstery fabric sews together. And the fabric she chose is so beautiful! We agreed they turned out perfectly. She is so fantastic to send me pictures to share with everyone.


For all you out there looking for a way to spruce up your home with a pair of custom curtains email me. An if you're a sewer looking for a good beginner sewing project curtains is a good one!. It's all straight line sewing! There's a lot of fabric so fill your bobbin before you start.