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Custom Bandana Jacket

Came across a pictures of a pastel bandana puffer coat online. My first couple of thoughts thought were that's creative and I can do that. I showed my kids they liked it and it became a plan. First we went to the store. Each jacket needed 12 bandanas. After we got home they were washed and cut to be perfectly squared off. I placed the pieces like I was quilting. The pattern pieces: back, front and each arm took 6 squares each. Even made sure to press as I went along. This is also where things get repetitive... Cutting the squares and sewing them together just to cut the pattern and sew it all together again. One kid wanted a collar and the other wanted a hood. I used a sheet to line the jackets and a throw blanket to make them a little thicker. I sewed each layer separately. Adding side pockets to the top layer and one inside pocket to the inside on the lining of the jackets. Once the pieces were sewn up I layered them together and attached the wristbands, waistband and collar/hood. The last step is to attach the zipper. Both have told me how much they love their new jackets and I'm really really proud of these makes✂✨

Wanna see how they came together?


Do you have a custom idea? Email me at and lets make it happen.

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