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Blanket turned Sweater

It's going to be warm this week, but I won't be fooled. I know cold weather is coming and now that I have found patterns to go with my inspiration board it's a go! I picked up a sherpa throw blanket to start my first project.

A sherpa type sweater with a quilted button flap. Vogue V9227 looks really close just need to go up in size. The blanket I bought does not have as much stretch as the pattern calles for. I am looking forward to wearing a cozy sweater not a close fitting top.

After cutting all my pieces out, I drafting a pattern piece for the quilted flap. First I added the lines I intended to sew to create a quilted look on my white overlay fabric. Crossed my fingers as I got to sewing the lines. Also added a zig zag stitch around the outside of the flap. To give it that professionally finished look.

Should also mention how difficult this fabric was to sew together. I found tissue paper under the blanket added the needed traction for a smooth sewing experience. Had to take my time and double check each seam. Marking sure all edges were secured in the stitch. After the stitches were secured the paper came right off. The buttons are just for show. They are not needed to get the sweater on... Why not skip a step when you can and sew it closed. I also took advantage of the finished blanket edges. By strategically placing my pattern pieces so the hem of the sweater lined up with the blanket hem. It was nice to skip the hemming of sleeves and bodies pieces.

Paired my new sweater with my white MJjeans. Sewed these babies a couple years ago. New pants are definitely on my make list this fall. All in all I know this will be my go to sweater on a cold winter day. Not like this day. It turned out to be so warm on this shoot, but the leaves are amazing and one thing you learned about me is I take advantage... of the background whenever it's available😂✂✨


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